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State the obvious

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By Rob - Posted on 15 September 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I'd say if you can't see there's a road ahead you shouldn't be riding a bike!

Incidentally, I only notice this sign the first time we rode round looking for changes. One is focussing on the road ahead otherwise and doesn't actually see the sign!

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Looks like they got them mixed up!

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Why cant the trail just continue up the nature strip on the right, then you turn right along more nature strip, past that lookout seat and then just join the existing trail? Why go onto the road anyway? It breaks the whole 'feel' rolling out onto that sealed road. A windy path of 400mm wide crushed sand stone would be better I think.

It comes from the person who decides you need a sign for every "Crest", like no shit, I'm going up hill and it looks like the top this might be the crest!

Overall I think it's nice they installed better signage that has little cycle symbols on it. They could have worked in with the users a bit better and got some free labour, built some relationships, and made changes that were more suited to the needs. Oh well , maybe next time.

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