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Entry to Cowan Track

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By Brian - Posted on 10 January 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Entry signs to Cowan. Definitely MTB allowed Smiling

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The MTB Permitted signs have been removed so not sure if these were officially removed or not?

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Nah... the trail is still open as far as I know. Someone call up NPWS and let them know the sign has been tampered with, eh?

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that I bumped into a ranger on Long trail this morning, driving along checking things out. We crossed paths on that techy little hill. He was good enough to stop and have a chat, turns out he is a rider as well.

I took the opportunity and asked about Cowan. He said that he believed it was off limits but that he recently saw MTB tire tracks so he asked his boss, K.M. about it.

His boss explained that it was off limits for a while but that this had been changed and that we were allowed to ride there. He went on to say that they had installed signs saying MTB allowed but by their accounts the signs had been unofficially removed with in a day or two.

The short of it is yes this trail is now open to us. Have fun, its a nice deviation. Enjoy the view at the end and carvings not far from the end but obviously stay off them. My advice is not to ride it first thing in the morning or be the first one down there at night, particularly during summer, it has the appropriate nickname, "Spider alley"

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