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Classy roll over by Gary

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By pikey - Posted on 13 January 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Classy roll over by Gary

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A timber ramp has been installed over this section of the track, totally ruining what was a nice little technical section Sad

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I was wondering why that built that. But it should be noted that Ourimbah is a club run race track, maybe state forests requested something be done in that area as an erosion prevention measure?

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you can hit the section above it much faster now, with the confidence of knowing the lower section is easy. Still a great track & the guys that look after it should be congradulated for their on going work.

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wow,, looks like there's still saw dust there its sooo new. i liked that bit! it was such a good work out for the suspension. it was that section that taught me that my bike would cover up poor choices of line!

about the erosion, i can understand that because last time i was there it was getting fairly erroded. afterall didnt north shore style objects come about because the forest people didnt want them destroying it in canada?

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They covered over the most exciting and dangerous line! Oh well. It looks like the B-line on the left is still there. That will have to do.

(Not that I am complaining about trail maintenance. Just that some of the risk has been reduced.)

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Yeah, not many people like the new ramp, apparently.

However, if you consider how many mountainbikers injure themselves, but still want to get on the trails, it makes sense that the track should become wheelchair accessible. Smiling Remember, lowest common denominator and all that! Eye-wink

People are objecting on the basis that now the easier route is faster than doing the drop - contrary to the spirit of the sport.

However, the organisers have insisted that the ramp was necessary as an erosion prevention measure.

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Thanks for the feedback Arpit, you sound pretty switched on about what's going on there. You're not one of the volunteers that built it by any chance are you?

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accident, sorry...

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is that what they were doing the other day in that closed section bruce?

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IMHO, the ramp would have been better off over the B-line (left-hand side). Why make the A-line easier? Anyway, shame they didn't put a kicker on the ramp to make it challenging??!! Laughing out loud

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...will solve this little nuisance!

and if you have a good look at the boulder to the left of Gary's tyre in my pic, its been removed in the new photo showing the ramp. NOW what happened to the lizards and bugs living under it?? I hope they where moved to a good zoo somewhere so the CBD tree huggers can sponser and visit them some time.


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