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General Racing: What I need to know

Currently NSWMTB offers state level racing in Down Hill (DH), Cross Country (XC or XCO), Mountain Cross (MtnX) and Dual Slalom (DS).

To race you need to be licensed through MTBA. You can achieve this in 1 or 2 ways.

1. Day License. A Day license is the cheaper way to go if you are only going to compete in 1 or 2 races however it has limited insurance benefits. A day license is a bit like compulsory third party insurance, ie it covers others from damage you do but doesn't offer you any coverage.

2. Yearly license. To get a yearly license you join a club and become a full member of MTBA.

Some disciplines, such as DH, require you to be a full MTBA member to race at state level.

A yearly license also gives you a much better insurance package both at races and on day to day training rides.

For more information you or to sign up go to

Bikes have to be in good working order with 2 working brakes. the bike also needs to have solid bar end caps in the handle bars.
Mnt X has additional rules for bikes.

Helmet. Riders are required to wear a helmet that meets Australian or similar over seas standards at all times when riding at the event venue.


Club level usually runs A B C... Grades.

At State level the categories are
Elite (A)
Expert (B)
Sport (C)
Masters 1&2 (Aka Veterans) which is +30
Masters 3&4 (AKA masters) +40
Masters 5+ (Aka Super Masters) +50

XC and DS also may offer u13 and u10
DH may Offer Hard Tail and Junior Hard Tail

Womens categories are some times compressed to Elite, Sport, Junior and Masters, especially in DH and MtnX where numbers are low.

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