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Mountain Cross/Dual Slalom

Mountain Cross(Mtn X)

resembles BMX in that 4 riders race down a set course compiled
of jumps, berms, mogals and other obstacles.

Mtn X differs slightly to the UCI recognised 4X in that riders are given 4 heats referred to as motos. Riders amass points depending on the place in each moto to progress through the the semi finals. From there winners move through while loosing riders are eliminated.

for NSWMTB MtnX race an addition 2 of 3 rule applied to bikes.

That is, for a bike to be considered eligable it must have at least 2 of the following:

a: Working gears
b: 26" wheels
c: Suspension

Dual Slalom(DS)

With Dual Slalom two riders race down parallel courses.
DS is a lot of fun and without the take out moves sometimes seen in MtnX it is a gentler way to experience you sport

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