Pine Creek

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By CharlieB - Posted on 19 April 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I rode Pine Creek recently and thought I would try to fill in some further (limited) trail details. The comments below are subject to what I found and rode – I did not ride all I found. I spent 3.5 hrs riding in what can only be described as a maze of trails. There are so many pieces of single/narrow track it was hard to work out where you were going next. I used a system of placing ‘stick arrows’ at junctions to help me keep track – trust me they were useful and stopped me repeating trails. I only repeated 1 trail – but that was a deliberate choice as I knew where I would end up. I spent my time in the area directly out from the entrance; not going further South/West than Red Hill Road, and did not get as far East–South East as the race course on the map.

On the whole the trails I found were great. But not without issues. Dirt bikers have been riding these trails. Consequently at the bottom of many dips where the moisture pools there are deep ruts. These ruts are the sort that trap your peddles and stop the bike, without necessarily stopping the rider. This also impacts what looks like a nicely bermed corner – which pften often end in a deep rut as the corner progresses. This is not something you can see at the start of the corner and leads to an interesting exit. However, once you get the hang of this (and stop being drawn into hitting a bermed corner that looks like it has not been destroyed – but in reality has) by taking the inside line all is well. Basically many of the well worn trails I found were not looking so great as a result.

But all was not lost. The best trails I found were over to the NE of the mapped area (found after about 2.5hrs). This is where (some of?) the log rolls, etc are, and notably an area the dirt bikes had not got to. The corners were sweet and the work of local trail fairies was evident. Again I did not get to ride everything here, but what I did was great.

I tried to avoid the fire tail – which was not hard. Although those I rode were narrower and smoother then Sydney provides, and thus I suspect that the earlier update form Rob remains relevant. I am sure local knowledge would have improved the experience greatly (finding more of the better trails), it is just insane as to how much riding there is there.

If I had had more time I would have stretched my distances and area covered. As it was I covered over 50km of trails at an easy pace by criss-crossing around the area defined above.

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Hey Charlie
I was up there a couple of weeks ago and spent a few days rummaging through that maze, i was really lucky on day 2 when a ran into a nice lady mtber named Jaye whose hubbie apparently does most of the trail building maintenance. The forest is really fun riding once you get onto the club race track which can be ridden i think in either direction (I did anyway finding my bearing) I love the techy log bridges and some of the newer sections which i think have been built to keep the motos away somewhat. Apparently a lot of the moto problem is in school holidays so perhaps you and i were unlucky.

I also got over to cows with guns which is fast and fun.

The whole region up there (Taree north) is really coming along with mtb clubs and people who seem to love spending time in the forest making trails.

I always think about what i miss through ignorance and shortness of time

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