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Spring Fat Tyre Festival 2010

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Sunday, 28 November, 2010 - 08:45

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

8.25 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
Awaba State Forest
Meeting Point: 

Just up Jenkins Road from corner with Mount Faulk Road.

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

Come out and have some fun, go hard, and enjoy the day.

The race will be on Sunday November 28th from 8:45am to 5pm. Registration will be open on Saturday November 27th from 2pm until 5pm and on Sunday the 28th from 6:30am until 8am. The course will be open for pre-riding on Saturday from 1pm until 5pm. Camping and toilet facilities will be available on the Saturday as well, so feel free to come out a make a weekend of it.

Previous years events:


Who's in?
D-on, Brian, Hans, philberesford, Benji, Jee10, Glen, Dicko,, craked, Jeff, richo, pommyracer, chrischris, PappaSmurf, Nath05, Jason P, Opposite Lock, joseph_tolomeo, Tommy (20 riders)
D-on Brian Hans philberesford Benji Jee10 Glen Dicko craked Jeff richo pommyracer chrischris PappaSmurf Nath05 Jason P Opposite Lock joseph_tolomeo Tommy
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Laps Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
Tomfletch Funsies at Awaba Finished 15 3 Juniors Fours
philberesford Fat fun Finished 13 08:22:09 Threes Open 12
Brian Fat Tyre Fest Fun Finished 12 Threes Open 16
craked awaba super happy fun zone Finished 12 07:48:18 Threes Open 16
D-on Awaba = Awesome Finished 11 08:15:24 Masters Solo (40+) 6
pommyracer Fun Fun Fun...........and some cramp........and a bent rotor.............. Finished 10 08:04:54 Mixed Pairs 8
chrischris Beginners Luck Finished 8 06:35:00 10000000 Male Pairs 31

Were you there and have a story to tell?

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Dicko's picture


Do you have any information on the entry details for this ?


philberesford's picture

Hey Wayne
Yeah check the Wannaride link at the top


Logan's picture

But will sort my entry a little nearer the time.

craked's picture

did it last year and survived, might try it again hope the weather is a bit kinder ,maybe go a three man team this time

philberesford's picture

Even hotter than the Dr. It was 45 degrees in the timing tent. The humidity on track was insane. I swear I got heat stroke. I was throwing up as I stopped to repair a flat I picked up after the Big Dipper on my last lap.

bluray's picture

I'd be keen to do a 3 man team if anyone is interested.

Brian's picture

John, if your starting a team I'm keen Smiling

bluray's picture

just need to find 1 more.Harry maybe?

Dicko's picture


I would be interested but i am already signed up in a 2 man team


Buck's picture
I swear I got heat stroke

Sounds more like heat exhaustion. From memory heat stroke is when the core body temp is above 41 degrees and it is a medical emergency. One is more than likely to get brain damage or organ damage. I think by this stage you actually stop sweating due to dehydration.

Heat exhaustion sounds more like what you had phil. This can lead to heat stroke though of course.

That said...yes it was bloody hot last year! Most painful 4 laps of Ourimbah ever Smiling

craked's picture

John I would be keen to be part of your 3 man team ,

Harry's picture

beat me to it and faster than I am anyway - living so close now may still come down for a look, by then back should be sweet. I think we're all signed up for weekend in Taree and can discuss around the camp fire (I'm sure one of those steel self contained things would be allowed).

Brian's picture

Just registered a team of 3 with bluray, craked and me Smiling

hawkeye's picture

but buddy kiwiphil has just advised he's a non-starter.

Any idea what a mid-field lap time is for this circuit?

Scottboy's picture

off the bike for so long Hawkeye I might help you out & the finger is only bending one quarter the way down atm

philberesford's picture

Have never ridden Awaba so have no idea.


Brian's picture
richo's picture

blue loop 30ish min's depend what loop they use????

joseph_tolomeo's picture

Cant wait so pumped

Brian's picture
craked's picture

anyone heading up on saturday? I'm hoping to get up there about 4pm and set up my quick shade than do a slow sighting lap, get rego done then go get a feed , where would be the closest place to eat? any ideas would be good. thinking club or pub.

Hop fiend's picture

Dora Creek & a fish'n'chip shop there too!

Lach's picture

so having a bit of race withdrawal. Not to mention being bored with fire trails after a few rides in NZ.

Don't suppose anyone has a spare spot on a team for this event? Not fast, but ready and able to crank out my share of laps on a track I'd love to get up and have a ride on.

Brian's picture

My new derailleur has arrived, will fit it tonight so I'm all good to go.

Lenny_GTA's picture

The new carpark was cut in last night at great expense to the club. Hope you all enjoy it, but parking should not be an issue at all at awaba for a long time to come.

It still doesn't have log dividers like the upper carpark (they are coming) so be sensible when parking.

This weather has dried out the last of the bogs we couldn't repair last week, so the trail should be sweet.

craked's picture

thats good news Brian ,see you there!

Dicko's picture


I will be up there on Sat arvo to do a lap or two. Will probably be there a little earlier say between 2 - 3.

I will keep a lookout for your car and txt you when I get there.

Looking fwd to Sunday.


philberesford's picture

Hey Wayne
I thought you and Matt were going up on Sunday morning? We're still a little undecided but will probably end up there Sat arvo too. Will let you know.

Brian's picture

I'll be there Saturday arvo for registration and a lap if time.

Matt_B's picture

Waynes heading up Saturday
I can't leave to Sunday

PIVOT MACH 5's picture

Due to illness i have to sit this one out. Even drinking a lucozade makes me feel sick.

chrischris's picture

What a great day! I was happy with my 4 laps (2 man team) and then I had a tumble. My coordination just began to disappear.

But to see English complete 17 laps???? Highlight of the day. Absolutely crazy. A few top guys passed me, and I would try to keep up. Trying to learn about cornering etc. I was obviously doing everything wrong.

Great day though! How's everyone else?

philberesford's picture

Had a fantastic day yesterday. The track was amazingly good fun and in great shape. A little rain might have helped on some of the drier looser corners, but that all added to the fun. It's now my favourite trail. The club have done a tremendous job. Thanks to Chris and the Wannaride crew for another cracking event!

richo's picture

Does anyone know where results will be posted? as web site seems to be two years behind. Had a blast yesterday got to love that fast flowing single track all good till cramp and general lack of fitness kicked in late in the day,all the dust and heat just made the beers taste even better cheers

Brian's picture

They might go on this thread as this is where updates were being posted.

Dicko's picture

any pics Phil ?

Brian's picture

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