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craked with race face

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By craked - Posted on 02 February 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

recognize this bit of track?seems steep when riding it!

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That's a good pic. I couldn't find any ones of me Sad

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Did you look on this website ?
I could not find any photos of me by the official guys but I found one from this photographer.

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Yeah I saw those ones.

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Nice pic. This is what I'd do with it:
-Go to newsagent and buy a big sheet of black cardboard, thin stuff will do.
-Take carboard to vinnies and buy good glass covered frame that you like which is smaller than the cardboard but bigger than A4, say A3. Maybe pick one with a colour that matches the pic a bit, or a room (garage) at home.
-Go to Kmart and print it in A4
-Put it all together. Give the glass on the frame a clean before putting it all together.
-Hang in on a wall.

Costs about $15 all up and should last a very long time.

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Great shot mate !

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nice to see those fingers off the brakes as usual!!

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