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Technical End

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By Rob - Posted on 26 December 2005

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Almost there - but don't relax just yet. Nice bit of technical stuff here at the end.

This section used to be one tricky ride, but it's since been covered with board walk (around Apr 2006) and now looks like this. Still not simple, but a whole lot easier.

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Alas this section is no more, it's been 'upgraded' to wooden boardwalks.

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This "update" is an absolute joke! Stupid, skinny boardwalk lined either side with slippery metal chains ( that are slippery as death with a bit of morning dew on them), bordered on each side with fallen tree branches piled a meter high.
Great technical section now ruined. Can't wait to come down here and meet the family walking the dog ( off the lead of course)up in the opposite direction!

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Don't want to sound like an old fart saying I told you so, but we only have ourselves to blame. When I first started riding Manly Dam about three years ago they had regular volunteer days to help maintain the trails, about one Sunday a month through the cooler months and a little less often through summer. These were not the days organised by the naturalists to look after the bush but were organised by the rangers to maintain sections of the bike trail suffering erosion. The numbers of volunteers dwindled to the point where about 18 months to 2 years ago there was normally only one of us volunteers showing up to help the rangers and the paid contractor they would bring in. This happened for about four months and then the days stopped. I guess the rangers got sick of forking out their limited budgets organising days to maintain trails to "mountain bike" grade when the mountain bikers couldn't be bothered helping out.

We had the opportunity for input but that has now gone because of our own laziness. They were always happy for feedback on what was planned.

At the end of the day, put up or shut up. Contact the rangers at the park and ask how you can help maintain the trails, ask about the volunteer days and above all else obey their rules or we will loose access completely. Don't be like the nobs, no connection to this site intended, that where there on the weekend in their full face helmets, dogs running unleashed along side, riding straight past the rangers office and onto trails clearly marked as walkers only. This will inevitablty end with trail closure.

Anyway, now I've had my rant I'll go back to cleaning my trusty stead.

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I live on the Dam and ride it regularly. I know the rules and know where we can and where we can't ride.

I have never once seen anything regarding a trail maintainence day at the Dam. Every other trail has maintainence days that are widely publicised, but I've never seen anything on the Dam.

Three years ago I'd only just started mtn biking, so never had a chance to get involved back then in said trail working days. Seems a shame if you old timers and your lack of effort back then wrecked it for us now. Eye-wink

Can't local clubs, bike shops etc do anything about resurecting trail working bees at the Dam that we can get involved in?

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I have been riding at Manly Dam for 3.5 years. Before they re-opened the single track section, which was about a year ago, they used to have maintenance days every couple of months or so. They were advertised through signs at the King St Car park, and also on the Bike Addiction web site. Alas, I haven't seen any notices for volunteers to help with track maintenance for about twelve months so I imagine that, as Stuart says, they just gave up on it because of lack of interest from the riders. If you have lived in the area for a couple of years, and didn't see the notices, I guess you just haven't been paying attention.


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I too started riding only about three to three and half years ago yet I managed to get the chance to help out on these days.

Anyway, I'm sure this forum wasn't set up for us to have snide digs at each other, you are obviously a passionate rider and this is a good thing.

As Liz said the days were generally advertised around King Street and via Bike Addictions e-mailed newsletters. I would suggest you direct your enthusiasm and passion in this direction as I was told by the Rangers it was BA's job to advertise. Contact them and the Dam rangers and ask them if they intend having more volunteer days. The more people that inquire, the more likely it is they will start up again.

Good to see you know and follow the rules, nothing gets people offside more than guys who think the signs don't apply to them.

Happy trails and let us know how you go organising more trail days.


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I actually enjoyed the last section since its been done (makes sense for everyone) and agree with stuart and Liz's comments.I do remeber Liz and others 3 years ago trying to get everyone out for maintanance and no one turned up.

The good news is there is 4400km east to west coast, if we loose 30 meters here and there, whatever. Could be worse, we could be in Bagdad...
Happy easter from Gavin

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LOL... let's organise a trip to Bagdad. Yeah - I'm sure there's some 'technical' stuff there - bomb crators make for lots of rough ups and downs? Eye-wink

FWIW, I do seem to recall there being a sign up on Wednesday. If I'd have known the drama, would have taken a picture. It was positioned on King Street at the sharp left just before the carpark. Not particularly convienient for anyone doing laps to view (I didn't notice it until the last second as I drove away).

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If true to form that signage will be for the bush care volunteer days as opposed to trail days.

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Haha..I wasn't trying to have a serious dig at u Stuart, hence the smiley face..

I'll definately ask at BA about trail maintenece, but come on guys, it takes more than one!

And this new bit of trail does suck immensely, but yes it could be worse, we could be in Bagdad and mountain biking might have never been invented.

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I know this is not an area we regular ride in but NPWS are calling for mountain bike volunteers to participate in trail days in the Royal National Park to "help with native bush regeneration and track maintenance on trails"...."riders will get the chance to meet park staff and be encouraged to share ideas and offer techniques for better maintenance of the trails."

Call Peter Hay 02 0542 0612 if you can help.

Happy trails all

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Putting my "woman of action" cap on.... I had a chat with the guy that used to arrange the maintence days at BA (now owns CBD) and he has a plan to get things moving again but no time to do much about it. His idea is to build a web page where dates can be posted and people can add their names to a list as available workers. Then link it too all the bike shops in the area and make the Dam reserve staff the point of contact.

Problem is, we need someone to vounteer to build the web page. Anyone out there willing to take on this challenge?

If you are keen, email me directly (address is on my profile).


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