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Out with the old, in with the new

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By BigJosh - Posted on 26 May 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Well its that time again, the chain and cassette are in deserate need of replacement. How much will a new chain and cassette cost me? I don't really want anything expensive and top of the line. That being said i do want something that will work well and last Sticking out tongue
Also, where can i buy from?
Any suggestions will be apreciated

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G'day mate, I buy stuff from - I know it's not the local bike shop but good value for money. I'm running the SRAM PC991 9 Speed Chain - Crossstep. Great chain, super tough and has a quick link for easy clean (wiggle is clearing this product at just over $30 - top quality chain for a top quality price... might even order another one myself!

As for cassettes, I've never bought one so couldn't really advise
Good luck!

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Andy, is that the hollow pin chain ?? i replaced mine recently with the same one i believe from the LBS at $80.00. Just reading the post on OS online vs LBS that Rob put up. It's getting harder to justify the LBS support when the savings are so huge...although I keep at it.

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No, it's the cross-step version slightly cheaper. They do have the hollow pin for around $47... Like you say, it's great to support LBS but everyone has a budget... can't blame someone for trying to get the best bang for their buck

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I got a XT cassette for$75 and I see they're doing a package with a XTR chain and powerlink for $110, shipped in a couple days (out of Melbourne I think)

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You can get a XT Cassette and a DA/XTR Chain all up for just over $100 I think.

Worth going the more expensive chain as wear pretty well for the money.

I am about to replace my Road and MTB with a XT/DA Chain and a Ultegra/DA Chain combo!

This is 10 speed as well, its a little cheaper with 9 speed!

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you bought a chain & no cassette does that mean you are running two chains ie : you are using one for 100kms then cleaning it & puting the other one on doing the same ?

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have the 951 for 15 bucks or something at the moment, about 7 to post to nsw. not exactly the swishiest thing around but last alright. crc had a redwin cass for 50-60 bucks, i've gold a gold jobbie - colour aside tough as nails.

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