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Manly Dam Golf Course single track works

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By Andrew - Posted on 06 June 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I went for a walk today to check out why the trail is temperately closed.
Apparently rock paving will be placed along certain parts of the trail including the Golf Course single track.

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Now that's gonna cause some controversy...

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Sorry that was a little confusing. The rocks are only in certain places not the whole way along the single track.

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This is a joke, right? We all know what happens to this sort of thing after a bit of rain:

Loose Pavers


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At least it looks natural and fu... Oh....

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I can't place it, where abouts is that photo taken?

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at one of the highest points of the track just before you drop down onto the downhill boards that lead around to the big rock platform that looks over the golf course.

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I reckon this is a troll? Don't look like any bit I remember, and the "cement" bags look a bit foreign???

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I think it is here


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Yep. I think so too. That pic is a reverse shot.

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oh no!! why pavement!? that's where I did my first drop Eye-wink

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why didn't it start after the long weekend ? If it is a nice weeend there will be a lot of riders there & they will be peed off , I was planning on going there on my rdo on tuesday but can't now .

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not any old cheap stuff,only the best for us MTBr's

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I think the area of dirt in the foreground (lower right) of the image is here, the rounded rocks centre/bottom in the newer picture are slight off centre in the older one below (which is taken from the newer picture's 3 o'clock - looking directly back up the trail):

New ramp on B Line

Another angle:

New ramp on B Line and A line drop on the left

So Buck would be about to land on pavers, rather than some nice soft dirt here:

Buck drop near golf course

If that is all correct this has got to be the most poorly planned and unnecessary piece of trail work in the long history of poor and unnecessary trail planning at Manly Dam Sad

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Yep Rob. That's where it is.

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That royally p#$%^s me off! This track work is the biggest joke. This would have been in the planning department for months before being approved. The nerve not to consult with or give as good as no notice is a slap in the face to us all. I'm steaming more than a boiling kettle about this ludicrously insane bureaucratic decision Sad

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I wonder how long before this latest section of dumbing down goes to a better place! This has to stop!!!!!!

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wishful thinking. That is seriously crap for an mtb track. What a great incentive for some illegal tracks somewhere to provide a proper mtb environment.

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After all the public forums and focus groups they held for the POM review, they do this.

I'm lost for words... Sad

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The Manly Daily would have a field day with this!

"Late notice" indeed, they actually put that in writing, when, as stated above, the planning for this would have been done long ago.

Added to that it's completely unnecessary work, that's 100% objected to by it's sole intended user group.

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The council continues to ignore a willing (and free) workforce who actually have a vested interest in the track (when was the last trail maintenance day?) yet somehow has the time to plan these "improvements" and the funds to pay random contractors who seem to produce very little in the way of a solution.

It seems that the only thing sustainable about MD track is the income stream for contractors...

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At the least we should be highlighting this in a public forum so that a) the council is aware of how we feel and b) they will think twice about it in the future. I'd imagine a letter to the daily is a good start. What are the key points we're concerned about:

- lack of consultation
- continual ignoring of offers for free labour for trackworks
- inappropriate works, not in line with IMBA best practice on sustainable trail works
- it's a solution we don't want!

Anything else?

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Anything else?

Start by stating appreciation that council is trying to provide as facility however they are misguided in the means they are trying to achieve it.

Then list what could be done better.

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This was highlighted at the last discussions (with council) after the previous track works were commissioned.

Appreciation was most definitely conveyed. If I correctly recall, there was mention of user group consultation/involvement prior to the next works as well as revisiting trail maintenance days.

Disclaimer - I could have totally misinterpreted what was said (it had been a long night in council chambers!) and merely wished it so.

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Start by stating appreciation that council is trying to provide as facility however they are misguided in the means they are trying to achieve it.

Then list what could be done better.

And finish off with asking if the lack of consultation and scope of works are part of a wider agenda to discourage mountain bikers form using Manly Dam as a recreation facility.

As a rate payer I'm mightily unimpressed that the council is paying good money for these works when they are not warranted.

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Please see follow up Completed Manly Dam Works 12/6/11.

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