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Small log rollover with a B-line

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By Little-Ditty - Posted on 18 June 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

An approach view of a slight downhill dirt-and-log rollover, with a B-line

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the b line wasn't always there there is a alternate I think about 3 mtrs b4 it that sweeps out right for at least 20mtrs of track & joins up

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I can't see why you would need a 'B' line here ,there are other more difficult bits that don't have 'B' lines.

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there doesn't need too be one there , might mention it too Dan next time i'm out there, it is a sign of track widening that doesn't need too be

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I do both lines as my big ring just scrapes it.

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just a nice little heads up so when being ridden for the 1st time can hit with a bit more confidence

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a couple of my mates yesterday at Wingello how did the new bike go down there it enjoy it ?

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Very nice, the only thing holding it back was my legs Eye-wink

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B lines are only on the competent loop, which is the loop designed to encourage beginners to ride. Trail designers have done a great job, people that can ride the a lines to make the competent loop more fun as they make their way to the intermediate loop.

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That B line around the right of the roll over has always been part of the track.

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