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turn around and head back

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By craked - Posted on 20 June 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

the end of the single track, you can continue further by following a fire road out to menangle rd

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And then out to Mt Annan for a lap and come back the same way!

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That's some interesting wildlife you have out that way, Craig. Do they bite if approached too closely? Eye-wink

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Mmmm a herd of Giants, fairly tame I think!
@ Crank, can you access Mount Annan from racecourse road or would you have to go to the Main entrance?and how do you get onto menangle rd ,carry bike across the pipeline ?looks scary.

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Lol. Don't try and cross the pipe! Go to the right and you should be able to make out a bit of a track heading down into the creek bed. Bush bash down that and up the other side then work your way to the road by heading left at the top of the oppsite side from where you started. Ride out to the road, across the bridge and into the gate on the left opposite the toilets. Ride past the RC aeroplane field and you can see Mt Annan in the distance. Follow the train line to Mt Annan.

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