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gully crossing

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By craked - Posted on 21 June 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

this gully is much steeper than it looks

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can you see it coming if you are riding there the first time ? You really need too keep speed then .

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No you can't see it coming and a bit of momentum is needed to get up the other side!

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I've crashed on that bridge. It was wet, I hit it fast and lost the front. Slid across it and into the embankment on the other side then kept sliding back down the embankment into the creek! The bloke I was riding with thought I was dead. After a bit of a sit down and a sore ankle we finished the ride. Smiling

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ouch, were you on the way out or returning?

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On the way out.

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When we were there a couple of weekends ago, we walked it.

Entry and exit lines were super greasy from the previous night's rain and where you see those sticks on the bridge in the photo, there was a gap from the missing crossmembers.

I suppose we could have hopped the gap, but with the speed required to get up the other side and the greasy entry line, it was too easy to get it horribly wrong and no way to bail. Even staying upright while walking the embankments wasn't that easy!

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Yup when I last rode out there with Craked I broke my foot coming off that bridge. Conditions were good, bridge was in a state tho. I misjudged the exit of the rider I was following and had to ditch the bike and make a quick exit into the creek bed.

It was a lot worse than in the picture. Does anyone know if it's been repaired? I'm heading out there on Saturday morning to reverse the Voodoo.

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I rode there last weekend and all of the bridges were in good nick. That looks more like the first bridge rather than the one over the gully though. - I looked at the side view after posting. This area has changed quite a bit since the photo was posted. Still tricky to get up the other side though.

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hey phil, I was out there earlier in the year and all the dodgy bridges have been replaced and some new lines have been created, much easier now!

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