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Track Listing

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Name Type Difficulty Vertical Climb/Drop Distance Map
Bantry Bay Road Firetrail Green 7m
1320m Bantry Bay Road
Cook Street Track Firetrail Blue 68m
1142m Cook Street Track
Forestville Park Firetrail Firetrail Green 22m
1060m Forestville Park Firetrail
Gahnia Track Single Track - Enclosed Blue 93m
2038m Gahnia Track
Possums Single Track - Enclosed Blue 8m
892m Possums
Serrata Track Single Track - Enclosed Blue 15m
1438m Serrata Track
The Bluff Track Firetrail Green 25m
452m The Bluff Track
Trail Closed. Single Track - Enclosed Double Black Diamond 5m
319m Trail Closed.

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