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Converting to tubeless on Giant p-xc2 rims

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By snowey - Posted on 29 July 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi guys

Does anyone have any ideas of how i could convert to tubeless on the Giant P-XC 2 rims, which have come off my Giant Anthem x2 2011

any suggestions would be greatful

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I did it and had heaps of issues.

1. Fitting, as that giant wheels have a deep inner side wall which means that you can easily remove a tyre without levers it also makes it very hard to get a tubeless to seal. I tried removing the valve core and modifying an airline to come directly out of my 12cfm compressor at home and couldn’t get it to inflate, I then took the wheels to work and only just managed to get them sealed using a very large industrial compressor.
2. From what I understand the 2 main reasons to go tubeless is reduced pinch flats and able to use lower pressures for better grip. Using standard giant rims with a stans kit they WILL roll off the rim if the pressure gets a little low and I needed to keep mine so high to stop them rolling I didn’t gain any grip as the pressure was the same as what I was using with tubes.

Summing up it is possible and the only advantage you will get is the wank factor of being able to tell people you have tubeless tyres, the hubs on the Anthem are half decent so why not buy tubeless rims (and possibly spokes) and get a bike store to fit (that’s what I ended up doing).

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On the anthem 29er giant wheels the bontrager rythem strips fit perfectly and you can run low pressure with peace of mind, I run 30psi and under and I am 95kg. I am sure the 26" rythem strips and valves would fit your rims, if so it's as close to perfect setup as you will get.

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I have also had good results with bontrager rim strips (make sure you get the ones for the rear ie symmetrical rim). They snap in perfectly up the sides on 19mm inner width rims. Put in bonty valve, a bit of fairy liquid on the tubeless ready tyre bead (nobby nics fit well) and pump em up with a track pump!.
They are light, dirt cheap ($4 from evans cycles) and hold air if the rim is tubeless compatable.

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ok cheers

ill give it a shot

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How did the tubeless conversion end up working out?

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i converted mine just using the "flow" rim strip from stans. i can inflate them with a floor pump and haven't had any trouble (except for putting massive non-sealable holes in my tyre twice...).

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