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Bobbin Head update for 27 Aug

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By Winco - Posted on 27 August 2012

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Bobbin Head

Bit sketchy on some of the downhill corners so go easy. Dry conditions on the trail.

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Is access to bobbin head via the trail still blocked off due to the marina fire?

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Yes, and they've completely fenced it off so we can't even squeeze through...

A notice at the entrance says it's gonna be like this until DEC... (if my memory serves me right)

I should have listened; carrying the bike all the way down then back up the hiking trail was not fun... - and it was my first time there Sad

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Klo I had the same experience in July, though not only was it my first time riding Bobbin head but it was my first ride on a mountain bike Smiling. My adventurous side took over and I ignored the signs saying 'no access to Bobbin Head' and went down the hike-a-bike section anyway - guess I learned my lesson to take note of NPWS signs in future. I must be a sucker for punishment because since that day I've been hooked on MTB riding.

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