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Incorrect cassette order. What to do?

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By ae93gti - Posted on 18 October 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Short story.

Bought new cassette, wanted 11-32T but didn't change option from 11-28T, D'oh.

Do I;

Harden up and deal with 28?
Return it for 11-32T?

Pros as I see it;

Harden upingness is increased.

Cons as I see it;

Found spread between 11-32T was too close anyway and nearly always flick 2 sometimes 3 cogs at a time up or down. 11-28T is going to be even closer in ratios. (Haven't checked what cogs/teeth are different)

I did sometimes have to resort to the 32T, not often, just when grinding up hills towards the end of a long ride.

Thoughts for Friday?

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Depends how many chainrings/teeth up front and if your on big wheels or not. Cool

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3 x 9.
22, 32, 44 chain rings.
26" wheels.

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Im soft so i would return it 28 - 32t is quite a big jump, i don't ride for fitness i ride for fun (i guess they sorta go hand in hand thou), so i don't wanna battle my rig when i ride. I've also only got a 2x10 set up which dosent help.

So yeah if i were you i would change it over.

Good luck.

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Stick it on your roadie.

I've just ordered an 11-28 Ultegra cassette to go with the compact cranks, or I'd have offered to take it off your hands. Sticking out tongue

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Hawkeye, would if I had one, not adverse to getting one, but can really only justify one bike right now.

Jonathan, think I'm gonna do that for the reasons you state.

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