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Cane Creek DB air CS

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By pmbc.crash - Posted on 21 January 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I'm looking at swapping out the rear shock of my Mojo HD for the Cane Creek DB air CS.
Anyone have any feed back on this shock?

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Did mine a few months ago. Same bike, same shock.

The only down side: why didn't I do this sooner???

It's a little much to say that it completely transforms the bike, but it certainly makes a big difference. The harder you push it the better the bike starts to feel. The HD is meant to be ridden hard, and lets face it, the Fox CTD was always going to be a little underpowered.

The DW link is great up the hills already, so unless you are doing loads of smooth fire road climbs, you probably won't use the CS much.

The damping adjustments are great, (though I'm still running the recommended settings) and unlike the small Fox, I can actually run a decently low pressure to give me a correct sag without blowing through the travel on every jump. That was actually the reason I sold the Trance. Running 250+ psi and still bottoming out AND ruining small bump compliance. The CTD on the HD was much better, but still not up to spec of what this bike should be.

Was really easy to change shocks on the HD, unlike my outgoing Trance. The hardest part was finding the right size cardboard box to put under the bb. After that it took less than 2 minutes.

Do it.

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Thanks for that information, it was really helpful.

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The official word from Cane Creek is that the Mojo/HD doesn't need the CS switch.

That said, the standard CCDBA on my HD is excellent. Just be prepared to spend time getting it set up.

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With the likes of Steve Peat & Greg Minnaar (and countless others) using the CTD shock on their Bronsons to race elite enduro id hardly say its underpowered, especially when Steve is 6"3 and pushing 90kgs and is one of the worlds fastest riders.

Also my underpowered shock still has to wait for your narrow ass & your DB at the bottom of the trails Mez Eye-wink

But seriously ive heard nothing but good things about the DB air. I very much doubt you'd be disappointed as long as you know how to set it up properly.

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Is that how you busted your rear wheel??

Too soon?

Sticking out tongue

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hehe nah that was out of pure radness

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Just curious as to where everyone is buying their CS shocks?

Did you buy it online (I am having troubles locating CS model shocks) or did you go through your LBS?


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Mine cost about $530 + about $20 for shipping but that was about a year ago when the AUD was stronger against the USD.

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Dirtworks is the local agent. I emailed them and they didn't even get back to me. If they can't be bothered replying for a $700 sale I would suggest any warranty with them will be worthless too.

If you buy one make sure it is the latest update with the stainless adjusters, some shops may have old stock.

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NB - $652 with current exchange rate.

For servicing, you would send it to NS Dynamics in QLD. I sent mine there last year to have the free upgrade to a high flow air can.

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