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riding in wagga?

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By Jonathan - Posted on 13 March 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I might be going to wagga next week and i might be able to take my bike. Are there any trails in wagga worth riding?



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Willans Hill & Pomingalarna Park.

PP is the one to look at as has a 12.5km circuit. Zoom in on Garmin Connect or Strava and no doubt you'll find a GPS to follow.

You might like to take some pictures or add a GPS trace when you're done. You know - for the NSWMTB site (and here) Eye-wink

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I just happenned to be there Tuesday and Wednesday.

Great natural style XC track, no rock gardens are anything challenging so you get your average speed up a bit but still good fun. Watch out for the wildlife as the Skippy own the joint and has 2 close encounters over the 2 rides (and boy were they big boys Eye-wink ).

Alittle slippery off line but very similar stle terrain and gravel as say Canberra.

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I have the whole day so ill defiantly take the camera and take a few pics and whatnot, maybe take the gopro?

How hard is it to navigate there? Will i be able to find my way around the trails?

Thanks for the help fellas.


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The trails are well marked and easy to follow , can't go wrong

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very well marked all the way.

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Perfect, sounds like my kinda trail Smiling

Thanks again.


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