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Should I ride Taree or Tathra?

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By amarkie - Posted on 08 April 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Given the choice for an overnight trip from Sydney, should I ride Taree or Tathra?

I’m not adverse to pedaling but I do like to descend. So if there's some nice flowy descents that will definitely be a bonus.


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... at the moment, I'd go wherever it looks like being driest....

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If I had the choice I would go to Tathra as the trails are supposed to be awesome down there. The trails at Taree are really good and flowy but there aren't any long descents. Either way the trails will be good.

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Taree 2 hours closer .. but Tathra has a brewery on the beach. Not easy decisions!

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I did Tathra last year and after that experience I will continue to do it every year for the foreseeable future. They have a 20k version on beautiful single track so the rest of the family can participate as well on tracks they enjoy which makes it such a great event to attend.

Saying it is the best might cause a flood of objections from those with other views but no one can deny these tracks are up there amongst the best in the country.

Being a surfer makes it even better. Go surfing or SUPing in the morning and ride later in the day when the wind is chopping up the waves. Does it get any better than that? I suppose this year I'll only bring the SUPs....

Overall a great little community that has a lot to offer for the whole family and not just for us MTB heads.

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Never been to Taree but I went to Tathra last December holidays, that place rocks !!

The trails are really flowy and really well made, you can do a couple of days there easy and you won't get bored of the trails. No real massive hill but there are some climbs, the descents are really nice, trails like "the bridges" will keep you on your toes.
Signs are well posted on intersections so no issues with getting lost.
Locals are friendly. I missed that place and will be going back there in the near future. We stayed at the BIG4 Cabins which is 5-10mins ride to the trails. Have a look at the FLOW videos of Tathra if you haven't already done so.

On the way home you can take the inland route and stop by at Canberra and spend a night there Smiling to break the 5-6 hours drive, that's what I did... last time.

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Tathra Enduro this weekend for all those who have built up energy after the Mont was canned.
I love it down there but I must admit that I have a conflict of interest. That being that i grew up there and still have family and friends who are involved with the race and trail building . 50 km of single track very close to town, definatly worth a visit.
I'll probably stay out of the water this weekend but also great waves!

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I've ridden both multiple times.
For a one night trip, I'd go Taree.
Tathra is awesome for flowy XC type trails - you gently climb to the top of the hill and pick one of 2-3 trails down. There is also some stuff over the other side of the road to Bega. Because it is a fair way down, you need a few days to make it worth while.
Taree has more descending AM type trails - jumps, berms, wooden features (the big see-saw being the most well known). It also has XC loops that anyone can ride - my wife has cruised around them herself. It is closer and good for a 2 day trip.
Last year I rode OMV, Ourimbah and Taree in a day, stayed at the dodgy caravan park on the southern end of Taree, then did a big day at Taree, stayed again, then did Awaba on the way home - good trip.

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Less humidity,ocean views & smells!

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Thanks for all the great info guys.

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Seeing how good Taree is, especially the Chocoloate Foot circuit, it sounds like I *really* need to make a weekend trip down to Tathra!

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I'm heading down there with the family on Sunday for 5 nights....Cant wait


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What are the Tathra trails like for a young family? Mandeni looks ok for young kids but what about the main trails?

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