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Tyre advice for Convict 100

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By gusgusset - Posted on 15 April 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hey All,

First Convict 100 coming up( gulp)
Thinking is it worth it to go for thin /race tyres for it?
At present I have 2.3 Swalbe Hans Damf on the front and Kenda Nevengal 2.3 on the back.


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There is lots of dirt road and fire trail so you would benefit from some tyres with less rolling resistance. Racing Ralph or Crossmark.

The question is are you going to do more racing. If you're not sure, I would wait and see what its like.

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As above, a fast rolling rear for sure - you might get away with keeping the front as it doesn't carry much weight anyway, but the never go would be awful over that distance. I would aim for total weight of 1250g for both tyres together - weight isn't that important, but the least rolling resistant tyres are always lighter anyway, so it's an easy way to figure it out

Grip is not a problem at the convict

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+1 for Crossmark on the rear

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I'm in a similar boat but currently have a 29er tubed Nev each end.... I have a shelf full of RaRas (2.1 - 2.4) but don't think they'll hold up to the 170kg rider weight i'll have for the convict.

Any ideas?

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Eat less Eye-wink

Might be an idea to go for a dual-ply rear like a Minion for a first run. Not sure what the guys at the Fling had on their tandems. I *vaguely* recollect seeing a UST Crossmark, but it was a big bag... maybe a 2.4? But I wouldn't be relying on my memory as I wasn't specifically looking at what rubber they had.

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I would be interested to know what pressure people will be running in their tyres.

I will be running the same tyres as last year, Rockets Rons 2.1 UST.

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The nevegals and hans dampfs will kill you after 100km!
Definitely something fast rolling as most of the race is on dirt road, rocks or just plain firetrail.
I have Maxxis Aspens on my XC bike which are light and roll very well.
I've also heard good things from mates on the Maxxis Ikon

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I am supported by Specialized, but regardless i find the Specialized Fasttrak front and specialized Renegade rear as the best alround marathon combination.

For something like the convict i would use 'Control' versions. These come in around 550gms each and are fast rolling and strong.

Ikons are also good value, with a bigger bag for even more traction.

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I've never ridden the convict before.
I'll be using a 2.3 Ground Control Front/2.2 Fasttrak on a 29er hardtail.

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I run generally run "squeeze the tyre, it feels about right" pressure, tubeless. I expect it's about 30 psi.. never really burped or had a low pressure issue, but have had some race ending cuts.

I will be running Racing Ralph's snakeskin tubeless.. perfect for me, but any fast rolling tyres pumped up like a roadie will do for this race.

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