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2013 Sheep Station Fiddy K Results

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By Flynny - Posted on 10 May 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

OK all thanks for coming out and making it such a great day.

The Prelim results are attached. I think I might have stuffed up the 25km and pairs podium so apologies to those effected.

If any one thinks there is a mistake in the results let me know and I'll look into it.

Without wanting to turn this into a pat on the back fest there are a few people we need to thank.

First and foremost is Phil McFarland who came up with the idea, did the behind the scenes organising, did a heap of work getting the track ready, set the course and packed up all the arrows and tape and chasing all over Australia for the squatter games... and he didn't even get to ride.

Al Kemp, who passed time after a hip replacement making up all the signs, organising the farm yard animal trophies as well as helping with set up, marshalling and clean up.

Robbie, Joy and Sheryl for handling rego, timing and a bunch of other stuff, without them we'd just be riding around the bush.

Glenn and Robing Partridge for organising the BBQ

The 2 riders that assisted Kev after he stacked and Laura for hanging around to baby sit him with me while we waited for the first aid guys to arrive. Got a little scary when the concussion kicked in but the Good news is Kev seems OK. Got a stitch or 2 above his lip and was taken in for some precautionary scans then sent home.

Wishing him a speedy recovery

Massive thanks to everyone who offered help and first aid equipment pleasing to see everyone put an injured rider ahead of their race time.

The weather gods for giving us a great day and dry weather in the lead up. Forecast was fore 90% chance of ride. Take that weather predicting dudes

And to every one who chipped in over the last month or so to get the track ready, berms built and new lines sorted.

Cheers all

see you all at the Winter 3hr

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Great race Flynny and the crew.
Hope the bloke that went down is OK, he looked pretty sore and sorry for himself walking to the carpark after the race.
I had a good battle with Big Steve and a bloke called Gavin - I took a risk riding off the front at 15km in but just held on.
Now I just need to find out how to trim 10 minutes off my time and I'll be set.......

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Gavs been dominating club rounds so it show you're riding strong. As for the 3 up the front... Damn quick. I jumped in behind Ben in the single track on the last lap. Even with fresh legs it was a struggle holding his wheel. Luke went around me at the top of the climb up over the log roll overs and then Big Doggious Maxionious made a few hundred meters on me like I was standing still.

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A few corrections have been made to the results

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