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Has Mountain Biking gone mainstream?

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By GiantNut - Posted on 04 August 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Over the years I have noticed a few things - Lots of women now out enjoying riding especially on the road which is great and an air of conservatism from other MTB'ers on the trails.

I ride as much as I can maybe a 100 kays or more per week and have done so for more than 10 years so can move along at a decent clip. A few times now especially on Perim at Terry hills ( no I'm not doing Strava segments - and i stop for horses etc) instead of a nod or gidday you get a dirty look especially from riders having a cruise. I guess its because I'm going quicker than average or they hate Giant Bikes.....My view is they are having a good time, i'm enjoying myself as long as there is common sense then happy days but wonder how long to nanny state rules and speed limits. Anyone else experience this or sit on the other side of the fence?

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I went out for a bit of a ride on Sunday on P&L and there were runners, horse riders, and newby riders galore. All relatively smiley. Smiling

I think they just hate Giant bikes. Eye-wink

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In 99% of all cases I experience good trail behavior.

I have noticed an increased frequency of big groups standing across the trial having a chat and one have to excuse one self for actually riding but more often than not all riders of varying abilities seems to find a way to share the tracks with minimal friction.

Strava riders and social riders have, in my opinion, the same right to the trails and that mutual respect seems to be working quite well.

Might be that Giant bike after all - get a proper bike and the looks may change from dirty to appreciative Eye-wink (note - that was a joke)

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Keep the Giant and smash the bike snobs that have a Boutique Taiwanese frame.

I think my next bike will be a Giant or a Cell as people assume you can't ride and leave you alone, I like that. Got my current frame done with no branding to stop curious people stealing my riding time Eye-wink

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I agree staffs and most of them are very nice.

I guess it may be the way to take over them, they may find a bit discomfort. I remember I was hiking with my family in lcnp and suddenly biker shouted "stay left" from behind. All of us were shocked but I can understand his intension to avoid accident. Hard to put a smile on indeed. Since I slow down a lot, thing seems better. Just my view.

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"...Boutique Taiwanese frame..."

Ouch! lol

The only grumpybums I've found are the occasional older walkers, most of whom look to be in their seventies. You do your best to greet them early with a cheerful hello and a smile, while giving them a wide berth on the side of the trail opposite so as not to startle, only to be met with a scowl.

Kudos to them for getting out there at their age and keeping fit, it's a great example, but I'll be leaving the bad attitude alone.

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'on your right' prob sounds a bit better than 'stay left'
But some people have a habit of getting startled and dart directly in front of you like bloomin kangaroos
You do need to direct them in the right direction because their brains don't seem to be able to comprehend something coming towards them faster than old fart pace

I remember Dick Smith grumbling about 'bloody motorbikes' when descending safely on a fire road in Terrey Hills - and I was not making Braaaap noises
I always have, and still do, admire DS, but it is somewhat tainted by his selfish attitude

Of course, if we were motor bikes there would be no problem with being heard Sticking out tongue

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Maybe we all need bells Smiling

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