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By Flynny - Posted on 17 August 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

"We would like urgent action to the intolerable state of affairs for people wishing to cycle between the towns of the Upper Blue Mountains.
Either unlock the gate to the track parallel to the railway line between Katoomba and Mt Victoria or else spend the $9 million now for a state of the art track.

Take a second to sign the petition. Seems ridiculous that maintenance crews can drive through but you can ride it


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You guys really need this. I commute in Sydney traffic and I would not be comfortable riding between towns up your way.

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I know they always go down well with me.

Perhaps a rewording to reduce the amoutnof f#@K off attitude you get from the local gov.

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It's not my petition Russsh, just sharing it.

Yeah I thought the wording was a little harsh but they have been agitating for this since the early 90s (if not before)

The 2020 cycle plan of the mid 2000s gave it a priority... still nothing

Being nice hasn't worked

Being logical hasn't worked

Being patient hasn't worked

Time to get noisey.

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Done. Next step is Newnes to Glen Davis...then I'll be really happy.

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Newnes to Glan Davis via Pipeline Track? I've walked it a few times, don't think I'd like to ride it.

The ride down Baal Bone gap into the capertee on the other hand is awesome if you can get permission off the land owner at the bottom

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Baal Bone is on my list of rides to explore very soon. I'd be starting at the Capertee end so will work on befriending the land owner. Thanks for the tip Craig.

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I'd gladly sign such a petition, but I just don't want continual emails from Community Run and Get Up Australia. If there was an option to sign and opt out of the emails, great!

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