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Warringah Councillors, read this.

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By hawkeye - Posted on 17 September 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Rather than being bothered to get accurate costings, Warringah Councillors voted to turn down the chance to get involved in Bare Creek Bike Park and be part of a solution that created something that draws much needed riders and spending (and jobs) to the area.

Well unlike you (Mr Giltinan and Mr Regan in particular), some people do get it. Here's an example of what you're missing out on, thanks to your shafting of riders at the 11th hour on this project.

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Such a shame that we do not have more progressive thinking people, so many places building trails and giving people alternatives to illegal trails.

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I have every intention of taking a group of mates down to mt buller now. We will stay a few days, eat locally, shop locally and have a great time.
Great dollars to that local economy, when it could have stayed local.
Shame Warringah council.

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Simple fact
Demand exceeds supply by a mind boggling extent
Lack of trails means more unauthorised trail building

So what happens now
Only those 'in the know' ride these unauthorised trails
Travelling mtb'ers don't bother visiting because there is only one crowded place to ride (that they know of)
Council try and use blackmail with the laughable argument that unauthorised trail building hinders the authorisation of trails

And remember (correct me if I'm wrong)
It is illegal to build a trail on crown land (but to my knowledge no-one has ever been caught/ charged)
It is not illegal to ride this trail unless there is a sign saying so

So Warringah council, better start budgeting for those signs

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Can anyone who is in the know let everyone know what options there are now? does it have to be privately funded and managed now? there is no point lobbying any more Politicians at Warringah.

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What particularly pisses me off is that it was a collection of these same Councillors that pushed mountain bikers to be involved in Bare Creek, otherwise it would not look good for us as a group politically.

Now I haven't spent much time on it compared to some, who have been involved for over 5 years.

It simply stinks that with 6 months to go, which is hardly any time at all when people have full time jobs and families, they decided to pull the rug out from under and leave the project pretty much starting from scratch. Six months is nothing when you have to start over with establishing contacts, rapport with state government, making our case, dealing with sitakeholders and their objections, detailed design, construction estimates, project planning, management agreements, before you get anywhere close to construction.

The site operator's big yellow toys remaining on site to help with preliminary landscaping was critical to the project being financially feasible. They leave in a few months.

And then - as I was told today - you have the shock jock radio wankers chiming in on Bare Creek with their anti bike hate whinging about spending any money at all on bike facilities.

These people in Council knew their favoured position was non-involvement a long time ago. Failing to make sure that was known and understood in time for us to work around it is extremely poor form.

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I believe the group has incorporated and is carrying on with the matter at State government level.

I'm out of the loop as I have other things I need to invest time into.

I'm sure they would appreciate all the help they can get.

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