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Bantry Bay update for 04 Dec

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By Tuckshop - Posted on 04 December 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
Bantry Bay

Did a few laps yesterday and it was good fun, many thanks to the trail builders! I'd say it was more like a black level trail though, especially the first half which descends some twisty rock sections. The larger drop-off sections are steep but nicely roll-able, just take it easy with the front brake. For reference, they are not as steep as the far-left route at Manly Dam 19th hole. Will be great when this all links up!

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Thanks for the heads up... just on the subject of roll downs at Serreta, how would you rate them compared to the 'C' line at the 19th hole? If we use this definition:

19th hole Lines

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I'd say many are comparable. Need to be good on the brakes as the consequences of running out too far are similar but the traction at present is worse due to the quantities of sand sitting on top. Hopefully that will wash away after the forecast rains.

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Most like D and C, but even the larger drops aren't quite as steep as B. There is nothing like A unless you make a major diversion off the main trail, but I wouldn't fancy your chances Smiling

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Definitely nothing worse than C as far as the main options go (the double roll down at Serrata for instance is easier than the 19th Hole C line IMO), although you can get 'creative' on some of the line choices that would make it more comparable to the A/B line.

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Depends on what you're comfortable with, I ride the 19th hole C line with no issues (alright there was that one OTB early on), but the Serrata just pushed me to another level, I walked the biggest one and OTBed twice in different sections. As Hawkeye says the traction is still pretty poor where as the 19th is solid rock. Still I loved the Serrata, especially the lower section which reminded me of Blue Gum Lodge, and looking forward to a return visit. I'm a bit worried that the eastern side will be "more technical", one step at a time I guess.

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