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twilight round 8

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By philipm - Posted on 20 January 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

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Hey all. Track needs a bit of loving after all the storms and it's nearly impossible to get every one together so if people have spare time and feel like helping out if you can slip out with a rake an do a little here and there it would be appreciated

Things that need doing.

1. A general rake to clean all the sticks leaf litter and rocks off the trail. Tip here is to rake it off to the downward the trail. This prevents it washing back on and also forms a bit of a windrow that helps prevent sediment run off into the bush.

2. Pulling all the sand and sediment out from berms and corners. Tip here is to throw the sand onto the back side of the berm, use it to batter the berm and make it even stronger. Some of the drainage channels dug to clear water for the 3hr and stuff are a little big and in the middle of corners so they need filling a little.

3. Cleaning out the drainage pipes. Most of the berms I've make have drainage pipes to drain water from the very inside but they are silted up. If you poke the rake handle up the pipe form the out side of the berm it will open back up.

4. Closing off the cheat lines. There are a few straightlines openning up where people are short cutting the trail. Be good to throw some logs and sticks across these to encourage people to stay on the trail.

As My old mate Tony Boone from IMBA says, If you keep wheels on the trail and water off it your creation will last a life time.

Anyway I'll probably slip out Saturday morning to do a bit but if anyone has spare time even 10- 15 min of raking before jumping on the bike for a ride will help

So if you enjoy Rydal, get a kick out of Tuesday night racing or just like to help out have a bit of a read through our trail volunteer guidelines and chip in

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