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Bantry Bay update for 21 Jan

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By Daisy - Posted on 21 January 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
Bantry Bay

Only rode Serrata & it's very dry (surprisingly). Just 1 or 2 small puddles at the top of the fire trail for ride out.
At a guess, I'd say Gahnia is very dry too.
Enjoy Smiling

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Anyone got any advice as to the best way to link Manly Dam, Ghania (and possibly Serrata) into one loop ?


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Do you know the area, Blucky?
If yes, its easier for me to describe & you to understand.

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I'm north side so start at Forrestville Park. This also obviously works from other starting points. This isn't how it was originally designed to work which I've explained further down.

Fire trail to Serrata then return. Up Daisy Duke to Gahnia.

Exit Gahnia on right for short distance then cross to Manly Dam.

After golf course there are a few options.

1/ do full loop of Dam and do golf course again then cross over and head down descending track to car.

2/cross over and go up muppets and hit up pump track and then do extended loop of Manly Dam plus golf course for second time and head back down descending track to car.

3/ just go up muppets and do pump track and then head back down to car

4/ go straight back to car down descending track.

Originally the plan was that Gahnia would run all the way to Seaforth Oval, this was where the photo shoot was with government officials when the track was announced. However Manly Council did not get on board as its their oval. The oval was supposed to be a trail head with car parking. Bikes could cross at the lights to Manly Dam and resolve the road safety issue with the crossing point now created and lack of parking.

There was talk about Warringah Council creating a new beginner loop at the Aquatic Centre with links to and from the Dam. However this has not yet happened. From the aquatic centre there was talk of a new track to be coordinated with Roads and Maritime and Crown where Possums is now but running in the opposite direction. This was supposed to resolve the significant road safety issue with the old and now still current crossing point at the end of the golf course track where it meets the firetrail. It also would have kept bikes well away from the carvings at this location. Resolving these two issues was half the point of the new Bantry Bay tracks.

Warringah Council was also supposed to build the connection at Forrestville Park to get between Serrata and Gahnia but this did not happen in time for the completion of the NPWS tracks. They did update the Plan of Management to allow for tracks but have not yet gone any further.

Serrata is also shorter than originally planned as the entry point was from my understanding originally on Warringah Council land and had to be shifted further along the firetrail. This resulted in a much steeper and more technical trail entry and upped the track from green to blue, not a bad thing.

The additional track from both councils would have created two independent circuits, Manly Dam and Bantry Bay, using some firetrail that could be connected in a figure 8. Hopefully they get there eventually.

Perhaps the plan to merge Sydney councils and potentially increased management by the State government of assets important to recreation and public health will result in better coordination of infrastructure.

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Thanks Simon,

Where is Muppets and the descending trail? Does anyone have a Strava or Garmin connect ride they could share with their loops?

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Also - what is this pump track?

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Yes I know the area fairly well, having ridden the Dam about twice a week for most of last year. I rode Gahnia on Friday for the first time.
Descriptions are good, now I know what Possums is (not sure about KC).

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Can you let us know where the following are:

Daisy Duke
Pump Track

Cheers, Blucky

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is hidden in the bush opposite the shops at Bantry Bay Rd and will likely be lost when the intersection gets the flyover treatment when hospital construction starts. So enjoy it while it's there.

Muppets... which one? Seems like every second trail gets called Muppets these days.

Kevin Costner continues north to the Aquatic Centre bridge from the bus stop pathway. Possums and KC are meant to be ridden uphill only.

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