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Bantry Bay update for 17 Jun

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By nstylin777 - Posted on 17 June 2015

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Bantry Bay
Amber/Some Issues

See warning on use of unauthorized trails

Applies from Mon 15 Jun 2015, 12.02pm to Fri 31 Jul 2015, 12.02pm. Last reviewed: Tue 16 Jun 2015, 1.23pm.

Opened last year the Serrata and Gahnia mountain bike tracks were constructed to provide visitors with high quality mountain biking experiences that are appropriate, safe and environmentally sensitive. In order to undertake the construction of the purpose-built mountain bike tracks NPWS conducted a review of environmental factors that was publicly exhibited and available for comment in May 2013. Conditions of approval included a rehabilitation plan for the closure of unauthorised tracks to be implemented once the new tracks were operational.

The creation and use of unauthorised tracks has created problems of erosion, impacted on cultural sites, and caused damage to native flora (including threatened species) as well as increased safety concerns for park visitors. Rehabilitation works will include improved drainage, the erection of appropriate barriers to prevent access across Aboriginal rock art sites and allow regeneration to occur.

Rehabilitation works will commence on Monday 15 June 2015 by contractors as detailed in the Review of Environmental Factors map. This follows improvements to the Serrata and Gahnia mountain bike tracks such as additional rock armouring and cross banks for better drainage identified through the scheduled track usage and sustainability review.

The assistance of park visitors is sought to enable the successful rehabilitation of unauthorised tracks near Forestville by:

Riding only authorised trails and the purpose-built mountain bike tracks; and
Sharing the information above with friends and networks.
Compliance and regulatory patrols will also be undertaken by NSW National Parks staff. If you would like to be involved in ongoing environmental monitoring of the mountain bike tracks or require further information email

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What is the warning?

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Thanks for the heads.

Comments saved in draft to be deleted tomorrow!

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can someone explain this further please?

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Looking at the Garigal National Park website it states that closures are planned for unauthorised tacks and notes 2 tracks being (1) Natural Bridge track to Davidson Park and (2) Seaforth Oval to Natural Bridge track. See

It also includes a map which shows tracks due to be closed. It appears to me that the Austrian Enduro track and the Waterfall Track (The very steep track straight down the hill from the end of Penrose Place to Currie Road) are “proposed new MTB tracks”. I assume this means we can still ride these tracks?

Link to Map:

Also, is it possible to have a permanent link in the Nobmob Bantry Bay section to the above NPWS site that updates when there are closures or maybe a link that can be clicked on to open that webpage. Maybe a similar link the the Warringah Council site in the Manly Dam section.

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Perfect conditions this morning. That Austrian Enduro is now closed for riding is a major pain in the ass. Just another reason why Sydney sucks for riding mountain bikes unfortunately. Despite that the tracks were in awesome condition and nearly completely dry.

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