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Bantry Bay update for 23 Jan

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By azsthj - Posted on 23 January 2016

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Bantry Bay
Amber/Some Issues

Serrata is clear of fallen trees. After the heavy rain last night the top of the track is very wet with running water and puddles. The botton of the track is damp. National Parks has no closed areas.
Might be good to give it a few days to dry. Watch out for the leaches although most of them are now stuck to my legs.

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can someone who has ridden gahnia or serrata or surrounding trails please update/comment

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Hi Daisy,
I was cutting grass at Ferretville yesterday afternoon (2 Feb) and although I did not use any of the MBT tracks around Bantry Bay, Forestville Park and some of the walking tracks are very sodden with puddles. I also did not see any riders, which is strange. Guess it will be very wet.
Although the NPWS website does not note the tracks as closed.

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There is a large tree down at the Currie Road fire trail entrance. If I get home on time tomorrow I'll go hack off some limbs so it's easier to get through. Otherwise I walked the Firetrail and Natural Bridge trail on Sunday and while wet enough to pick up a few leeches it was starting to drain.

Probably OK to ride today (Thursday)

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Again. Got that roadie yet Dan?

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I have almost rode 500k on the road and even bought a 2nd hand road bike.
shamefully have done 0km on the dirt this year Sad last dirt ride was at Buller in December

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