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Bantry Bay update for 16 Feb

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By jedijunglesnow - Posted on 16 February 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
Bantry Bay
Amber/Some Issues

This Sunday morning between 6 & 10 am the whole of the Possum will be closed so that 500 odd runners can rundown in it the wrong direction.

Yes you did read that right. A profit based events company has decided that it suits their needs to use a mountain bike trail, built exclusively by mountain bikers, so they have decided to take it over on a prime riding time, ie Sunday morning in summer; the people who built and use it be dammed (yes they have been approached about this previously but simply don't care).

They will even have a Marshall at the entrance of the track who will advise you not to ride it.

Based on past events they will also leave their signage around the Dam in general and Allambie for 2 weeks after the run has finished. So when you see the sign saying "slow, runners crossing" don't worry as most of them crossed two weeks ago...

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Is possums actually a legal trail? I don't think it is. Under who's authority are the closing down a trail built by MTBers for MTBs???

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The Possum isn't actually a legal trail, it's on RTA owned land and the powers that be don't seem to have a problem with it.

They're not doing this under anyone's authority; the trail just suits their needs so they've decided it's ok to take it over and we can all be damned!

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If I am Riding the Dam on Sunday I will be going up the possum ,, be funny to be told not to ride a mtb trail thats built by mtb riders for mtb use ..
But then again I dont normally ride the Dam on a Sunday cause its too busy anyway

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Wow these guys really do take the cake, look at the type of comments they're putting on their Facebook page;

Comment (not by me) :Would rather ride the Dam than run it.

Reply from Sydney Trail Series:

With over 500 runners on the course you would be outnumbered!

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Crazy that no one has commented on this. There has been multiple discussions about people riding the Possum the wrong way, but apparently running it, claiming 500 runners (yeah that's an exaggeration ) running down the wrong way is ok?

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Definitely not OK.

I've had discussions with these organisers previously.

Don't have a problem with runners using the trail, but it's pretty rich them *monopolising* it like this when there are so many other trails for them to run on that are not available to mountain bikers.

I've even offered to show him alternate routes around the trail, but there was just nice words, no actual interest.

Maybe someone should help them find that new route early Sunday morning Evil

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Yeah I know you have Hawkeye, and not sure what I was expecting from posting about this to be honest (apart from having a vent). Just saw your comments on their Facebook page too, well done!

This guy is living in a fantasy world; their signage was left at the carpark at the top of Nyrang Rd for almost 2 weeks after the last race - and that's not even a remote spot.

If anyone wants to look check out Sydney Trail Series on Facebook.

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Seems to me he's just spinning things to protect his commercial interests.

I've got an early start with a 100km road ride Sunday but will swing by late Sat pm to check out the situation.

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We should organise 100s of riders to ride the track at the same time in the opposite direction!

They would get the message then.

It really annoys me that they are able to hold run/race on a track that isn't legal without any permission. Imagine if we organised an MTB ride like that, we would be shot!

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"Bike Trail closed. Maintenance in progress. Sharp tools in use"

Lets see how it pans out.

If he keeps his word and
Cleans up properly
Competitors are courteous and don't play chicken with approaching riders (had this happen to me couple of times the week before the event last year - wasn't pleasant)
Competitors are done with that section of trail by 7:20am

we can probably just shrug our shoulders and let it slide. If not, then we can probably schedule something for the next round to give him some motivation to play nice.

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rode the dam on Thursday night/arvo and nearly took a runner out who was running up the trail around the side of the 19th hole was actually quite dangerous but I just slip by him he barely slowed down ,,, I was in shock as I went by so didn't say much but yell farrrk
I wasnt even aware if he was allowed to run there or not?? but seemed crazy too me

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Wasn't anything setup on Possums / Kevin Costner yet but did see pink ribbon markers along the firetrail running between Possums and Manly Dam with a number of runners who were courteous and let me pass.

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rode there this afternoon too, trails in great condition! Lots of ribbons and chalk arrows around. I avoid the Sunday morning peak too, but it's a bit rude of the runners to take over when it's a MTB trail.

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A guy went past me putting them up this afternoon at the top of Kevin Costner.

Pink, as mentioned.

That runner should not have been on the 19th Hole trail. While we opposed closing it to runners and walkers, Council's signs are pretty clear on the matter.

Most locals ignore it though. They know to expect riders and are usually really good about avoiding surprising us.

The out-of-area runners this event crew has attracted to the area seem to have an air of entitlement, much like the organiser.

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Checked out the aftermath today. Was on the roadie so didn't venture into the trails themselves..

The ribbons have been taken down around the Aquatic Center and the Engravings Track end but I did notice a few fragments lying on the ground.

So not the most conscientious cleanup job. Not sure how it would compare to the cleanup done by mtb event organisers on other trails we would race on. The bright pink is, regrettably, highly visible.

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Yeah I checked the Nyrang Rd carpark last night and all their signs had been removed; much better than last time when they were left for two weeks after the race was finished!

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