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3 hour summer round reults

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By philipm - Posted on 04 December 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Results at these results are provisional

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Hi Phil,
Do you know why I came up as a DNF? 326 Stephen Tomczyk

I didn't roll out my last lap but we only had about 5 minutes to go. Not fussed about the overall result but I just wanted to compare my lap times on the bike I rode for this one. If my lap times are available just post them here, no need to change the official results.


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I'm the same mate - Phil mentioned that having Nicks Cycles as the team added all our laps up and stuffed their system.

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Phil is still trying to sort it. From what I understand because solo riders put in a team name it bunched all those riders together. During the first few laps it read the first rider through but as it is set not to record the same, rider team for a minimum of time the others were not read. Then as things spread out it started awarding team laps left right and center.

We're plunging through the data to see what we can salvage

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Thanks Flynny, no need to worry on my account then.

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